The Many Reasons to Hire One of our Minibuses in Marlow

As a multifaceted taxi service, we offer so many different options for your journey. Whether you wish to arrive in a luxurious car for your wedding, an executive vehicle at a conference, or a minibus for a group outing, Ritz Executive has an extensive fleet. 

Why use one of our minibuses for your journey in Marlow?

Minibuses are much more cost-effective than hiring several taxis or a coach. Unlike public transport, they offer exceptional privacy for a group on the move. It also makes it much less stressful if you’re travelling somewhere where it’s easy to lose one another in separate vehicles (such as a city like London). 

Wherever you’re heading in or around Marlow, you’ll be able to relax and talk among yourselves. Our minibuses are kept immaculate and offer plenty of leg-room, along with ample storage for luggage. They’re regularly used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Corporate events in and around Buckinghamshire
  • Theme park days out- the perfect way to make the most of the summer!
  • Social occasions and nights out
  • Sports days including outings to football and rugby matches

Whatever your plans in the weeks ahead, our minibus hire packages are a cost-effective option. 

Along with our comfortable, well-maintained vehicles, you’ll have highly experienced drivers who are professional, attentive and punctual. 

With our online booking form, the process of finding the right vehicle couldn’t be easier. 

If you need to hire a minibus in Marlow, don’t hesitate to drop us a line for more information